Flight Operations Management
  Fuel makes up 30 to 50% of aircraft-related operating costs. Effective fuel planning, management and monitoring can play a significant role in reducing these  operating costs and improving margins. AvNet provides accurate flight planning and management tools to address this.   AvNet Flight Planning  
  • Reduces tankering costs and optimises payload
  • Can be accessed worldwide 24/7
  • Critical or ETOPS fuel available
  • Includes current, maintenance free navigation data
  • Uses up-to-date upper air prognostic weather data
  • Provides data for performance and statistical analysis
  • Allows graphic navigation planning
  • Provides user control over data
  • Tankering cost benifit analysis available
  Operational Support   Software Products  
  Our proven flight planning service has been in operation since 1991. It has been designed to optimise fuel uplift for high performance aircraft such as Boeing or Airbus products.

Operational flightplans can be generated on our website or by using AvBrief, our graphic flightplanning program, or OMS, our scheduled dispatch program.
  A suite of products are available to aid route planning, automate operational flight plan (OFP) retrieval, retrieve NOTAMS and surface weather briefings as well as submission of ATC flight plans.

Data management tools also provide compresensive reporting and analysis of operational data, both planned and actual data.
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